3 Exercises on Exercise Bike to Lose Weight Fast

Mostly those who are members of a heart pumping or pounding-beats group class can easily understand how interesting and refreshing stationary bike workout can be. We do encounter people who use this instrument for their workout, and I encourage you to give it a try when next you visit the gym.

It’s true that some of us are not always comfortable doing group work out and instead we love it solo, the stationary bike offers a great option for you. A stationary bike does not obligate you to join a class at your gym to learn its workout. It’s a system design in which you can ride solo and try resistance so that you can do short time intensive workouts on the machine too.

It’s been researched and found true that high impact exercises tend to put more stress on the joints, particularly ankles, knees, hips, and backs, but the Stationary bike is a low impact workout, this kind of workout, increases your calorie burn and get your heart rate up without all of the jumpings and pounding on the ground. People recovering from injuries will find it helpful if they make use of this machine.

The importance of regularly working out cannot be overemphasized. It should be a practice by everyone who desires a healthy life and absolute fitness. General reasons why some people do the workout is to lower their body fat percentage or to build their muscles. But the fact is, for you to see a rapid result, you need to combo these workout routines with a good nutrition plan.

In a certain situation where your uttermost goal is weight loss, it is best to create a calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than you consume in a day, and this sets you on a path, where quality calories are the only calories you should consume and your portion sizes should be controlled.

A great advantage of a stationary bike is its ability to be customized or regulated to your fitness program. It gives an option where speed and resistance level can be reset and controlled.

If you have ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder, it’s best to see a doctor before involving in any weight loss program. It is also best practice even for those who do not have a history of eating disorder to ensure that they set goals that can be achieved and when trying to achieve weight loss, it should be done in a safe and healthy way.  If your aim is to lose certain pounds or to build muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger, there are several factors to be considered. It is not a magical thing where a result is gotten in an instant, it takes a considerable amount of time before you can see changes. There are factors that contribute to this goal, such as; getting better sleep, genetics, managing stress level, health conditions and the medicines you take into your body.

Four indoor cycling workouts recommended by world famous trainers have been compiled in here to help you achieve your goal.

  1. CRUSH: this is a workout that alternate between easy, moderate, hard and all-out levels of exertion and this is a 20minute interval workout.

Crush bike exercise

To ensure the best result in burning fat using a stationary bike, you should do intervals, rather than cycling continuously.

Easy =  In this stage, you move with an easy and comfortable pace, it is like riding on a flat road and you can keep on all day without feeling tired.

Moderate = at this stage you feel more impact, but it is still maintainable. You will also observe that your breathing is denser, and you will experience difficulty in making a full sentence during the workout. It’s your choice to choose the level of resistance you want.

Hard = in this stage you experience greater impact; you feel the energy consumed. You experience denser breathe which is hard to hold, more difficulty in speaking during the workout, hence it is best to be quiet. It is best you operate on medium to heavy resistance at this level.

All-Out = this is the hardest stage, where you use the heaviest resistance you can hold and still being able to push your legs further. I bet you that the only thing you will desire most at this stage is to be done with this!

  1. Tabata stationary bike workout.

Tabata stationary bike workout

Have you ever done a Tabata strength workout before? If yes, great! Cause you can also perform this work out on a stationary bike. Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It has eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval. It may only take four minutes to complete a Tabata circuit, but those four minutes may well push your body to its absolute limit.

Jacqueline Crockford was the coach who’s an exercise physiologist and education specialist at the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Jacqueline Crockford, when coaching, advised that you focus on your rate of perceived exertion (RPE).

The RPE tells us our level of intensity and it can be changed by increasing either your speed or resistance or even increasing the both. She further explains that an RPE of 5 is also denoted as 5 Assuming we have a scale that is numbered from 0-10. The 10 represents 100percent effort, hence 5 equals 50percent effort.

For the workout shown below, 80-100percent effort should be put into the “20 seconds of work”. Hence, between an RPE of 8 and 10—you can choose to reach the target RPE by cranking up the resistance and pedaling at a more moderate pace, or opting for a middle-of-the-road resistance level with a quicker pace. It is advisable that you work far less, during the rest and recovery part of the workout. The little work done is just to keep the pedal moving, hence resistance should also be low. Provided you follow the true RPE, you will attain the fitness level you desire.

  1. HIIT workout uses short bursts of activity to get your heart pumping.

HIIT workout

A training method called the 10-20-30 interval training which is known because of its blocks of intervals, each block consists of five consecutive one-minute intervals divided into 30, 20, and 10 seconds at different intensities and is immediately followed by two minutes of active recovery. This training was developed by researchers at the department of exercise and sports sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

It is good that you use the same resistance throughout the workout. The main aim is to create enough resistance to keep your pedal strokes smooth and controlled, while you can control the intensity level by speeding up and slowing down.

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