5 reasons why you will change your mind about having an air compressor

Read this and you will be able to choose which air compressor best suits your need.

Number1:  It’s Awesome! With just a little effort put through in learning how to use the compressor; such as understanding the meaning of gauges, and knowing how to set up your line, You will find it simple and fun from there. We will show you in this tutorial how to set up your air compressor and your hose line in other to enable you to start using your tools.

Number2: Multiple Usages!!  Air compressor is truly a money saver and its benefit extends to several options. There are many tools that can be used with an air compressor, and an unlimited number of tasks around your home which can be completed with an air compressor. Get hold of an air blower tool and you can make that sawdust that is lingering all over your garage to disappear. Do you think it is time to hand down that bike from an older child to that little kid!! But you get tired or discouraged whenever the thought of painting the bike comes to mind, get rid of this thought by getting a paint sprayer. An air finish nailer is a great choice for driving your nails at high speed into your work area. Air tools have gained so much applaud in its durability and longevity compared to a battery operated tool. It is made of less complex parts, just one motor powering everything and that is the motor in the air compressor.

Number 3: DIY Auto Repairs!!  Why pay so much for your auto repairs, when you can handle some of its tasks yourself. You can change your fuel filter yourself, and also carry out a tune up or install a new PVC valve. These processes can also be learned by checking out some instructional tutorials, such as popular See Jane Drill video:  “How to Easily Do a Tune-Up On Your Own Car”.


All this being said, we still experience difficulty in carrying out these operations, a major problem is the removing of bolts that are in tight spaces or where things have rusted, and due to this, you prefer to let your mechanic handle this kind of simple repairs. The good news is that this stress can be avoided now with the use of an air ratchet tool attached to an air compressor, and within seconds the bolts are off.

Be your own auto repairer today and save some bucks!!!

Number 4: Easy and Fun!! Enjoy the feeling of a pro when you use an air compressor powering the spray gun to paint your furniture, cabinets and any of your works that require painting. Although you can still carry out this activity with a brush, but it will take a hell lot of time.

To get that perfect new and refreshing look of your kitchen cabinetry or your whole kitchen, you should use a sprayer to get this. An air compressor sprayer will give you that beautiful look and smoothness you have always wanted.

Number 5: Are you into carpentry or intending to get into it or do you have a passion in craft works or building things, get acquitted with this tool called a nail gun, which helps you to avoid more tedious labor in trying to drive a nail into your work surface. To save more cash and get a faster result, it is best you use an air compressor, unlike a battery operated nailer which cost between $200 and $500. You can get pneumatic nailers which are used with air compressor, which cost between $50 and $300. It is also true that pneumatic nailers are lighter and easier to deal with, and air pressure tends to last longer than a battery charge.

Be cautious about your needs first and then consider the following:


Don’t make your apartment more congested than what it is by acquiring large equipment into your little space, but try considering a pancake compressor which will do the trick for you. Its dimensions are small and are therefore advantageous in cases of limited space. It can easily be stored in a closet or on a shelf.

Yes, this compressor can do the trick by giving you that nano feel you desire, but you need to be careful not to overload it, this equipment is mainly designed for light duty jobs. Nevertheless, there are still bigger compressors that can be gotten depending on the size of project you are performing and also the space available. A home with a garage or workspace is actually a better area to use such bigger equipment.

Tank Size

The time duration a project takes to complete will determine the size of compressor tank to be used. If the process will take only a short while, such as when using a brad nailer, then small tank size can be considered, and if the process takes longer time, such as spray painting, then a larger tank size is the best choice.

Power Source

Air compressor can be powered either by electricity or gasoline. The electric compressor does not support pollution because it does not discharge fume, hence it can be used indoors. It operates on standard household current, between 110-120V.  While gas powered air compressors are not good for working indoors, it should be used for working outdoors. The gas compressor is mostly used, when locating a more reliable source of power is hard.

Oil-Lubricated vs. Oil-Free

In physics, we know that to avoid wear in moving parts of a machine, it is best to lubricate the surface. Some compressors use oil to run, which prevent their moving parts from wear. We call this kind of compressors Oil Lubricated compressors, and they tend to have much heavier parts. There is a better option called Oil free-compressors, which are lighter in weight and they don’t use oil to operate, and they are smaller in size, which makes them the best choice for many homeowners because of its size and simplicity.

Air Demand and Tool Practices

Different kind of projects uses a different kind of compressor; hence the style and size of a compressor are being influenced by the kind of project you are working on. In the case of inflating a car or bicycle tires, or an air mattress used for occasions and many more, then a small unit is probably all you’ll need. If you are an enthusiastic DIYer, who is mostly involved in home projects involving a wide range of air tools, then you will need an air compressor with enough capacity to adequately operate the tools you intend to use. It is important to note that not all air tools have the same air requirement.

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