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Best Cat Scratching Post 2019 – Buyers Guide

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Pioneer Pet SmartCat, The Ultimate Scratching Post is one of our most favorite out of all the cat scratching posts. With excellent and sturdy build quality you can't really go wrong. Cats love this scratching post.

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Features at a glance

  • It’s durable, cats can get a full stretch in order to scratch
  • The durable sisal, fibrous inspires cats to scratch
  • The post is 32 inches high, this allows your cat to stretch vertically while scratching
  • It includes 2 screws make it easy for you to assemble
  • The base is sturdy enough not to tip over or wobble.

Cat Scratching Post

Cats have a natural urge to scratch. This helps them get rid of old material from their claws and nails and also helps mark their territory. If you have a cat, you may have noticed your feline pal scratching cardboard boxes, or your precious furniture. So to save your furniture, what you need to gift your cat is a Cat scratching post.

The best cat scratching post has to be tall enough for your cat to stretch out all the way. If you have a kitten, keep in mind that you will soon need a taller post as it grows. The scratching post must also be stable enough so it does not get knocked over by the cat and it must be composed of a material that the cat finds satisfying to scratch. For this, sisal is the most preferable. You will be pleased to know that the scratching post in this link checks all these boxes. You will also find this to be less expensive than the other scratching posts in the market.

This cat scratching post will definitely save your furniture from claw marks and your sofas and bed-sheets will not be in danger anymore. When the urge to scratch kicks in, your cat will go straight to her designated scratching station and scratch away to her heart’s content. And your heart will also be content seeing your furniture unscathed and your cat happy.

Here are some features of the Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post:

32 inches high allowing your cat to stretch fully

The finest materials and workmanship ensure the scratching post will stay appealing and valuable for quite a long time. The post is 32 inches tall and is made in such a way that it gives your cat the most pleasure by giving it an engaging toy that it can use to mark its territory, for exercising and common feline extravagance. Your cats muscles will be well toned and make your cat less prone to violence towards humans and other animals.

Easy assembly with screws included

When buying something that requires you to assemble it yourself, you may find yourself doubting the purchase. But relax! This scratching post will require less than two minutes to put together. All the parts that you need are already included in the box and the only thing you will require is a screwdriver.

The post comes with two dowels that you insert in holes that are already drilled for you to connect the two parts of the base. Then you use the Philips-head screws to attach the base to the post. To do this you can either use a Philips or flathead screwdriver.

Build Quality

Composed of sisal which is fibrous and durable and its texture will naturally influence scratching, the material that is wrapped around the post is better than carpeted posts that have been seen to snag pets’ nails. Which kind of scratching surface a cat leans towards is, for the most part, an instance of their own preference, sometimes you may discover carpet residues caught in the cats’ nails when you sit down to trim your cats’ nails.

Fibrous woven sisal fiber

Fibrous woven sisal fiber

This scratching post is covered in sisal. Sisal is a stiff fiber traditionally used to make ropes and twines. Cats naturally prefer a fibrous material to scratch over smooth textures. Sisal covered posts will also keep your cat’s nails clean, groomed and prevent snagging.

Stable base will prevent the post from being knocked over

Most scratching posts have the tendency to topple over easily. However, this post ensures stability and maintains sturdiness with a 16” by 16” base, which is wrapped with the color box. The interior of the post is not hollow making it even harder to tip over. Even if your cat is particularly big and muscular, he would find it hard to topple over this post even with rough and frequent use.

You can also get a topper for this scratching post so your cat can sit on the top and enjoy the view or just take a nap. Toppers are available to buy in pet stores but if it is recommended to make your own topper for maximum comfort. It is very easy to construct one yourself. Firstly, you need a piece of wood that should not be larger in area than the base of the scratching post. To the wooden board you can add a layer of foam and cover it with fabric. Now your cat has a post to scratch and a place to perch on. You may be amazed how much your cat will love this scratching post compared to the expensive and unnecessarily fancy ones you see on the market.

You can also attach small toys to the post to keep your feline companion occupied and happy. You can customize the post however you want. The possibilities are endless. Or you can keep it just as a scratching post and that’s perfectly fine too.

Pros –

  • Less expensive than other similar scratching posts available
  • The post is taller than most scratching posts available on the market, which makes it a superior choice as your cat can stretch fully, even if your cat is particularly large such as Maine Coon Cats
  • Made with high-grade resilient materials
  • The scratching post is secure and sturdy and will not tip over

Cons –

  • The texture of the scratching post might not be best suited for every cat
  • Problems have been reported about the fabric coming off after some time
  • The top of the post may be slippery and cats might slide off when they are about to jump

This scratching post will end all violent tendencies your cat might exhibit. Instead of scratching your furniture or even your leg, your cat will now prefer to scratch this post. All her aggressiveness will be wasted on the post and you can play with your cat without any rough behavior on their part.

Is it worth getting?

This Cheap Cat scratching post is worth getting and no matter how roughly your cat plays with it, it can withstand it, without toppling over. If you want to have your furniture in perfect condition, get the Pioneer Pet SmartCat, the Best Cat Scratching post of 2018!

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