Best Compound Miter Saw 2019 – Buyers Guide

The Best Compound Miter Saw of 2019

Why do you need a Compound Miter Saw? Obviously, this will differ from one person to the other. But if you want miter cuts that work great and which are very easy to do, the Compound Miter Saw makes a lot of sense. The cuts are angled if need be, and you receive all the accuracy that you may need in a single package.

No matter if you’re a DIY guy or you own a workshop a compound miter saw is what you’re going to absolutely need. It’s designed to quickly cut crown molding, door frames, window casings, and picture frames. When you’re going to buy your first compound miter saw you’ll encounter a myriad of options and brands to choose from. Our guide will help you choose the best compound miter saw.

So without further ado let’s check out the ten best compound miter saws of 2019.

Product nameAmpRPMLaser GuideWarrantyCheck Price
1. DEWALT DWS779 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw153,800-3 YearsCheck Price
2. DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw153,800-3 YearsCheck Price
3. DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw154000-3 YearsCheck Price
4. Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw155000-1 YearsCheck Price
5. Hitachi C12RSH2 15-Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker155000Yes1 YearsCheck Price
6. DEWALT DW713 15 Amp 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw155000-90 Day Money Back GuaranteeCheck Price
7. DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch153800-3 year limited warrantyCheck Price
8. DEWALT DW716 15 Amp 12-Inch Double-Bevel Compound Miter Saw153800-3 Year Limited WarrantyCheck Price
9. Hitachi C10FCH2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker155000-30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 5 Year WarrantyCheck Price
10. Hitachi C8FSE 9.2-Amp 8-1/2-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw9.25500-5 yearsCheck Price

#1. DEWALT DWS779 (Our Pick)

DEWALT DWS779 Compound Miter Saw

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The DEWALT DWS779 is one of the most popular compound miter saws on the market, and it’s easy to see why. It’s enjoyed by professionals and amateurs like because it has a very smooth operation and a really good precision. The model is all about bringing in a ton of useful features, all while making sure that you receive all the benefits you want in a rather comprehensive package.

Safety features are very good too. You do need to read the manual before plugging it in, but the unit does work out of the box without that much of an effort. The advantage of this unit and what makes it stand out is the versatility it can deliver. You can use it for a variety of applications and it does bring in front just about all the features you need in no time.

The design for the DEWALT DWS779 unit is standard and conventional. You have the blade that can tilt in both directions and you can also work on it at 90 degrees if you want. Also, the grip handle isn’t cushioned, and some people may consider this to be a problem at first. However, setting this up is rather straightforward and the results you can get from it can be really good.

You will notice that the 15 amp motor doesn’t vibrate as much as you would want. But that’s not an issue most of the time, as it can indeed work without any issues and the experience can be pretty amazing in the end. The integrated blade guard works well actually, and you do get to have just about all the features you want without that much of an effort. It works to your advantage, and in the end, it’s the best option that you can have for sure. Just consider giving this a try and yes, the experience can be more than ok if you use the unit and its blade guard the right way.

They also added a dust bag, which helps you collect dust pretty well. But there are situations when dust can go outside the bag, which can be a bit problematic. However, that doesn’t subtract from the overall performance of this miter saw, which is very good.

The unit is heavy, so you won’t find it easy to carry it around. On the other hand, they do a very good job at adding a rather powerful motor, so that’s where most of the heaviness comes from. The DEWALT DWS779 is also very accurate, more accurate than a lot of units that you will find out there. It’s just a really good, stellar unit for people that want to perform accurate cuts. And yes, the protective guard is amazing and it can help a lot!

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  • Very accurate and easy to use
  • Powerful motor
  • Affordable
  • Tilts left and right based on your need
  • The grip handle is not cushioned
  • Dust collecting is not the best
  • Not portable

#2. DEWALT DWS780 (Best Value)

DEWALT DWS780 Compound Miter Saw

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We consider that the DEWALT DWS780 delivers the best value for your money based on all of the devices presented here. Why is that? The DEWALT DWS780 does a very good job at bringing in front versatility and value in one complete package. It can go 50 degrees to the left and 60 to the right. They also added a dual bevel feature that makes it easy to change the orientation and flip pieces without any issues. They do a very good job at minimizing errors, which is important with this sort of unit most of the time.

Since this is a large saw, it’s created to help you deal with a variety of tasks. It even works with the high capacity demands if needed, that’s how reliable and professional it gets to be in the end. One thing to note is that the DEWALT DWS780 does rotate without any issue, and it does a very good job at offering you a tremendous attention to detail. In case you need an infinite variability, they did add a bypass lever. This one will help you stay free of detents, which will also make the overall movement a whole lot better because of it.

The added stationary level is a very good feature and you do have the ability to increase the overall accuracy of your cuts, which is nifty and helpful most of the time. You will also like the depth of cut feature. You get to choose the cutting depth, which in the end makes the overall accuracy and experience a much better one.

DEWALT DWS780 is a very accurate unit and it strikes the perfect cord between performance and price. It looks amazing, and it does provide you with a huge range of options. Plus, most of the features are designed to keep the unit fresh and it does offer support for just about everything you need in a professional tool.

Should you use it? Absolutely, the DEWALT DWS780 offers accuracy, smoothness, and durability in a single package. It works exactly the way you expect, and it does offer a huge range of features and options. If you’re a fan of high-quality products and want the best compound miter saw of 2019, the DEWALT DWS780 is certainly one of the better options!

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  • Accurate and durable
  • Interesting depth of cut feature
  • Very easy to rotate and use
  • Versatile
  • Levers can break if you’re not operating it carefully
  • Dust accumulation is not the best!

#3. DEWALT DW715


DEWALT DW715 Compound Miter Saw

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If you are looking at the DEWALT DW715, then you most likely want a high-end equipment piece for your shop or hobbyist projects. The thing that makes the DEWALT DW715 stand out is that it does have a very powerful motor, 15 amp, more than enough to bring you the cutting power you want. It’s not the simplest nor the most challenging model to use on the market, but it does work very well and it can deliver all you want in no time.

It does a very good job with the angled cuts, and the best part is that you have a very large 12-inch blade. This blade is so powerful that it can easily cut through any type of wood without issues. The design for this thing is great because you have everything added in a compact and straightforward program. Using the machine is simple even out of the box, and the best part is that it does work very well.

Dust collection exists, but it’s not the best one on the market. The bag capacity is rather underwhelming. It’s not really bad; the fact that it’s less than satisfactory is what can be problematic for a lot of people.

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  • It delivers great precision
  • Compact design, all features are shared in a single place
  • Portable
  • Satisfactory safety features
  • Mediocre dust collection

#4. Hitachi C10FCE2 (Budget Friendly)

Hitachi C10FCE2 Compound Miter Saw

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Hitachi C10FCE2 is a budget-friendly solution. As a result, it tries to eliminate some of the features in order to keep the price low. The build quality is great, but not the best on the market due to that reason alone. This is still a very good tool for professionals and amateurs alike. Since you have a 15 amp motor, you do receive just about all the features and benefits you want from this unit without any hassle.

The miter stops are very well calibrated and rather accurate for this particular model. You will also notice that while some models have a hard time being precise, the Hitachi C10FCE2 is very reliable and it helps you deliver accurate cuts without that much of a problem.

Also, they had to come up with a conventional design in order to cut the costs too. That being said, you will notice that the unit does a very good job at offering good value for your money. When it comes to the design on its own, they could have removed the aluminum from the equation.

But it’s the accuracy where the Hitachi C10FCE2 shines very well. The miter base is very well designed, and the calibration is good too. There are no worries when it comes to settings and features either, which is exactly what you need to take into consideration here.

Safety is good, but it doesn’t shine. They didn’t add many safety mechanisms, most likely as a way to cut some of the costs, but the unit still looks really good and that’s the thing that matters here. Use the Hitachi C10FCE2 as instructed by the manual and you won’t feel any lack of security features, just keep that in mind.

Dust collection is ok, it could obviously be improved, but at a lower price, it’s hard to argue with that. In the end, the Hitachi C10FCE2 manages to deliver all it set out to share, and the experience you receive is really impressive. Overall, it does come with tremendous value for money, and that’s exactly what you need from it!

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  • A very affordable price
  • The miter scale is very well calibrated
  • You can use it out of the box without previous experience
  • Not very durable
  • Conventional design

#5. Hitachi C12RSH2

Hitachi C12RSH2 Compound Miter Saw

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Hitachi products are known for the fact that they are really easy to use. Hitachi C12RSH2 isn’t a budget model, but that means you do receive some nifty features with it. What you will like the most is the fact that the unit has a lot of precision and versatility. You can make the cut regardless of the unit size too. They also do a very good job with the motor, which has 15 amp, so it does deliver a ton of power and value in rather small package.

The design for this Hitachi C12RSH2 unit is nice. They allow you to raise the fence height up to 8 inches and you can easily cut up to 7.5 inch vertically. Cutting any type of wood will not be a problem here. The vertical handle on the Hitachi C12RSH2 is also removing some of the vibrations, which is a very helpful feature to have. It does work well when it comes to adjusting to the cutting experience, and the overall results are pretty interesting in their own right. Sure, some things could be improved here and there, but the value can be second to none in the end.

Dust collection is decent. It’s similar to the other Hitachi models, so you shouldn’t expect too much from it. The unit does have positive stops that make it easy for you to get accurate cuts. They aren’t the best on the market, but the outcome and results on their own are pretty distinct. It really goes to show that the value can be pretty amazing in the end.

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  • You receive a very accurate, powerful laser system
  • The unit is very affordable
  • Portable
  • The visuals aren’t the best
  • Some people complain that their units come with missing parts

#6. DEWALT DW713

DEWALT DW713 Compound Miter Saw

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DEWALT DW713 is a stellar tool for both enthusiasts and professional. What makes it good is the fact that it’s extremely impressive and also simple. It’s not very complex, something that does make it stand out of the crowd rather well. Also, you have a 15 amp motor which is very good too. It didn’t have any issues when it came to cutting any wood. And it does go up to 5000 RPM, which is more than amazing to be honest. They also allow you to use the unit at up to 45 degrees tilted.

It’s not the very best angle you can get, it could be a bit better, but it works rather well. Safety is satisfactory for this unit, but the true focus is on stability, value and quality. At the same time, the unit is sturdy, even if you will find some parts made from plastic. That’s not really a problem, because you do receive a really good quality and value for your money in here.

While using the Dewalt DW713, you will notice that the unit doesn’t have to deal with any bumps or anything like that. Yes, safety features are not the best, but you shouldn’t really expect way too much from this to be honest. On the other hand, the dust collecting bag is pretty good, but it’s very small. That limits the efficiency of the unit, and in the end, it brings in front its own set of issues, things that you may want to avoid as fast as possible. Still, it’s a good idea to give this a shot, but you shouldn’t have massive expectations with it, so try to consider that.

The thing you will like about the Dewalt DW713 is that it has a very smooth performance. It delivers all the features you want, it looks amazing and in the end, it’s the ultimate performance you want from it. This is certainly a good compound miter saw!

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  • Smooth performance
  • It has 11 positive stops
  • LED laser compatibility
  • Small dust bag capacity
  • Intense vibrations if you reach a very high RPM



DEWALT DWS709 Compound Miter Saw

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If you are an experienced professional, you will notice that the DEWALT DWS709 does a good job at delivering the features you want at an affordable price. But this unit is also great for newcomers, as it includes roughly all the stuff you want and a whole lot more. Plus, it comes at a decent price that makes it affordable even for new people that just want to use it from time to time.

When it comes to features, you will notice that the DEWALT DWS709 shines very well. It has an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive sops. On top of that, the unit is also known for being very durable. It delivers the exact quality and value you want in a single package.

Moreover, the 12 inch 60-tooth fine finish blade manages to stand out as it works with any woodworking. That really works to your advantage, as you receive all the features and quality you need in a single and distinct package. The cleaning process is fast and distinct, to the point where you can indeed get a stellar attention to detail and the experience on its own is certainly worth it.

At around 51 Lbs, this is a light unit, and it does tend to bring in front just about all the features that you may need. The best part here is that you will have no problem moving the unit from one place to another. It may seem a bit large at first, but it’s not a heavy unit, so you won’t have a problem moving it around if you want it to comply with your requirements.

Safety is pretty good here. They did a good job with the DEWALT DWS709 and the sliding mechanism, which does work exactly as expected. You get to increase the cutting width thanks to this. And yes, the accuracy is also really nice, which is exactly what you can get in the end. It’s certainly one of the better options and in the end that can be quite impressive.

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  • Reliable brand
  • Safe and sturdy design
  • Light weight
  • Compact aluminum build
  • A little high on budget
  • Screw type drain valve
  • Air filter remains outside the steel frame

#8. DEWALT DW716

DEWALT DW716 Compound Miter Saw

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DEWALT DW716 is one of those devices that offer affordability and stellar quality in a single, great package. Another thing to note here is that the motor can go up to 3600 RPM. It works very well, and it offers you 15 amp, more than ok when compared to anything else you would expect. The motor quality is quite astonishing and in the end, this can be quite impressive to be honest. The safety features are great here, since you have a variety of protection titles all over the place. It just works to your own advantage and yes, the results can be more than ok thanks to it.

Moreover, you will like the fact that the measuring components can be calibrated with ease. You also have 11 positive stops here. This leads to a very good accuracy as well as improved productivity. Obviously, this matters a lot if you want a stellar value for your money.

Plus, the DEWALT DW716 on its own was created with durability in mind. Even if there are a few plastic parts, you will notice that those look well, and that’s the thing that you will like the most here, to be honest.

You can also tilt the blade 0 to 48 degrees both left and right. It’s not the ultimate thing you can have, but it’s worth it and it can bring in front all the features you want without that much of a hassle.

As we mentioned earlier, the safety features here are really good. The thing you will like here is that you have a blade guard that’s made out of transparent plastic. The plastic is extremely durable, but it’s also transparent, so you will get to see through it in no time. That certainly works to your advantage, and it offers you a stellar set of features that you will enjoy quite a lot in the long run. Plus, you do have a comprehensive manual where you can access all the information you need. The manual has just about all the stuff you are interested in, and it’s very comprehensive too.

Dust collection is very good honestly. It doesn’t take that much for the dust bag to get filled, but it’s very good for people that don’t use it many times per day. If you’re a professional, the dust bag size may be on the small side.

Check Price

  • Precise and accurate
  • Stellar production quality
  • Very good laser system
  • The handle isn’t cushioned
  • It could use a larger dust bag

#9. Hitachi C10FCH2

Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw

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Hitachi C10FCH2 is a very compact unit, and that makes it among some of the best on the market. It’s a product that comes with a very innovative design and a wonderful way of making precision cuts without a lot of effort. At the same time, the unit is great for both professionals and newcomers alike.

It’s nice to have dual lasers and the best part here is that you can easily fine-tune the experience the best way you can. At the same time, you receive a very good attention to detail and you will also notice that there’s no need for any batteries either. Most of the miter saws have battery operated lasers, but that’s not the case here. Instead, your lasers are electrically powered, something that does offer a stellar convenience and the outcome here is very good.

Also, the Hitachi C10FCH2 has a very precise miter scale. You can accurately cut any piece of wood with just a fraction of a degree difference if you want to. There’s no way to ruin your cuts either, as everything is very accurate and to the point in here. Basically, it’s exactly as you would expect and the experience you get in here is really distinct.

At around 47 pounds, the unit is very portable. You also have two handles at the end of the miter saw, which makes it easy to move the product around whenever you need to. Yes, there will be some challenges as you try to get used to the product, but it’s nice to use and the overall portability does make the unit stand out.

The materials used to create this product are not the best on the market. But yes, the product does work very well and you do receive a stellar value for your money. It does work exactly the way you want to, and in the end, it’s one of the better options out there. It looks great, it feels very nice, and it has just about all the stuff you will ever need from something like this.

And yes, the dust collector works. It may not be the largest one out there, but it does fulfill its purpose and it helps you exactly the way it should. Yes, it can take a little while to get used to it, but the experience can indeed be among the very best out there.

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  • It cuts through wood and soft plastics
  • Very compact and portable
  • Double lasers for increased accuracy
  • Falls a bit short with the dust collection

#10. Hitachi C8FSE

Hitachi C8FSE Compound Miter Saw

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Hitachi C8FSE is one of the latest sliding compound miter saw products that you can find on the market. The 9 amp motor may not be the most powerful one on the market, but its blade is actually very powerful, and it can easily deliver the power and accuracy that you may want.

During tests, the unit got to cut via moldings, pictures, baseboards and a variety of wooden panels in no time. Also, the compact rail format means you don’t need a workbench to use this. At 31 lbs, this is extremely portable and easy to use. Plus it works great, and you can indeed move it to another workbench if you want to.

The saw has positive miter stops that can be helpful if you want to use the unit in increments. You have 48 degrees to the left and 45 to the right. That’s quite handy, and the best part is that the overall experience can be quite astonishing in this situation. It does work to your own advantage and yes, there are lots of unique features for you to have in here.

When it comes to accuracy, we found that the Hitachi C8FSE works very well and it does deliver a stellar accuracy and really good features. Not only that, but the handle has an elastomer coating. This means you have less vibration to deal with and the grip is increased exponentially. It’s not the ultimate grip out there, but it does its job well, and that’s the thing that matters the most.

As for dust collection, the Hitachi C8FSE is pretty good. You have a pretty good set of features, and the best part is that you can enjoy the experience without a lot of hassle and the unique approach can indeed work to your own advantage here.

Check Price

  • Very light and portable
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Good dust collection
  • Very precise
  • The blade can be slow based on the material
  • The vibration can be felt at times

Making the Buying decision

We recommend you to study all the products on offer before you make any buying decision. It can be very tricky to find the right model on the market, so knowing what you want to buy and the amount you want to spend is crucial in here. But if you take your time and study everything adequately, you will find that the results can be more than ok. Don’t rush with the purchase process, and you will see that buying a new compound miter saw can be relatively easy. It’s important to keep these models in mind, as they are some of the best in the industry at this time. Just try them out, and you will be extremely happy with the experience here! It’s important to create a list with the stuff you want and then select your compound miter saw based on that. It works very well, and it will make the purchase process a whole lot faster!

What you need to know before buying Compound Miter Saw

IT’s an extremely handy, very helpful tool. Thanks to it, you have the opportunity to make some very powerful crosscuts. Moreover, the Compound Miter Saw can also make miter cuts that are angled to your specifications. That’s the thing that makes a Compound Miter Saw stand out, the fact that you can easily do angled cuts without a problem. It’s also a rather stable, easy to use unit and one that does work very well and which is really impressive.

When it comes to solving problems, the Saw makes it easy for you to deal with uneven surface cutting. A lot of people don’t get accurate cuts because they aren’t using a good saw. The Compound Saw removes that problem by helping you get an even surface to work on. Also, this is very easy to create specific angles, and in the end, that can easily work to your own advantage.

Compound Miter Saw buying guide

Purchasing a Compound Miter Saw can be a bit tricky at first, especially if you aren’t a person that does a lot of work with miter saws to begin with. So, it’s important to know what you should be looking for when choosing a unit like this. That being said, here you have some great ideas to take into consideration.

Positive stops

It’s important to have these because they can make it easy for you to modify the bevel adjustment angle in no time. If you have this feature, you will end up getting more productivity from the unit. Yet it’s also important to have a unit that has multiple positive stops with incremental adjustments. This will make the process more interesting and rewarding. It works great, and it can bring in front some rather nifty experiences as you go along.

Changing the Blades Fast

You won’t be using your Miter Saw with a single blade. You will have to change the blade from time to time, so it’s crucial to have a very fast blade changing system. It’s also important to change blades fast especially if you work with a variety of materials.

Power of the Motor

Power is indeed important when it comes to the motor. The more power it has, the better it will be. The larger saws will always bring in front more power when compared to the smaller saws. Usually you will notice that 10-15 amps will be more than ok. The idea is to stick to higher power levels and the results can be more than ok in the end.


Handling is important. Hold the Compound Miter Saw in your hands for a few minutes to see if you like how it fits. The handle needs to absorb vibration, so if you could test the unit, that would be even more helpful. But yes, focus on handling as much as you can, as it will surely come in handy when you make your decision.

Are there any electric brakes?

The electric brakes are a great feature because they do slow down the blade fast. These will also help you avoid any injuries too, which in the end can be extremely helpful. They also work great at lowering the risk of any potential workplace accidents. Safety is important, so this type of approach can be more than ok.

Does the Compound Miter Saw include lasers?

A good Compound Miter Saw should have a laser integrated in there and the results it can deliver are more than ok. It just works the way you would imagine and the value on its own can be very distinct. There are multiple types of lasers to use, some are very powerful, others less so. It’s up to you to make the right pick to get the best possible experience and outcome.

Is any work stand there?

The appearance of a work stand in the package is great. Sure, it’s not mandatory, but the stand is important because it helps you get more accuracy. You will need a good stand that fits and which works really well. As long as you can get that, the experience can be more than ok, so try to keep that in mind if you can.

Dust collection

It’s always a very good idea to have a dust collector inside the saw. Some units have dust collection from outside the unit. That’s not a problem even if you have an external dust collector. But yes, you do need such a unit, so try to keep that in mind if you can. Otherwise, you can deal with some issues, and that’s the thing you want to avoid.

Aside from that, you also want to make sure that you can mount the Compound Miter Saw to the workbench if possible. In case you want to move the unit around, then you may want to opt for one that delivers more portability. That’s not going to work all the time, but it does bring in front the features that you may need.

Also, using an extension cord with the Compound Miter Saw isn’t that ok. Sure, it will work, but you have to find a suitable cord. We are talking about processing a lot of power, so you don’t want the low-quality stuff. It’s a good idea to avoid using low-quality tools and accessories, especially if you want to get the very best value for your money.

Types of Compound Miter Saws

There are multiple models. The regular miter saw can easily make cuts at a variety of angles. The Compound Miter Saw is all about integrating blades that easily pivot left and right to make angled cuts. The Dual Compound Miter Saws can tilt both left and right, not only in a single direction like the Compound Miter Saw does.

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