Best Remington curling wand 2019 – Buyers Guide

Remington is one of the most popular brands that produce high-quality curling wands. In this guide, we are going to review the best Remington curling wand as well as the top 3 Remington hair curlers. Before we start the review please take e look at the table below for quick information on the 3 best Remington curling wands.

NameTechnologyHeating timeMax TempAccessories?Auto shutoff?Price
1. Remington Curling Wand CI9538 Pearl Ceramic 30 Seconds410 degrees FHeat protective gloveYesCheck Price
2. Remington curling wand CI96W1BSilk ceramic30 Seconds410 degrees FHeat protective gloveYesCheck Price
3. Remington curling wand CI96Z1Silk ceramic30 Seconds410 degrees FHeat protective gloveYesCheck Price

So without further ado let’s start.

1. Remington Curling Wand CI9538 Pro

Remington Curling Wand

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If you are bored with your straight, fine hair and are looking for something to spice up your style, look no further because we have just the thing for you. And if you were under the misconception that your fine hair can’t be styled because it’s delicate, then you can quit worrying about that too.

With the Remington CI9538 Curling Wand, you can turn your straight, fine hair into gorgeous curls. Provided that your hair is long enough, you can change your hairstyle all by yourself. There are many curling wands and irons in the market and the trick is to find the one that best suits your hair. And the Remington CI9538 Curling Wand pairs wonderfully with fine hair.


  • Pearl Ceramic Technology that is equipped with a smoother, harder and more durable barrel
  • 0.5-1 inch Curling Wand can create gorgeous medium curls
  • Requires only 30 seconds to heat up
  • Can reach up to a staggering 410 degrees F for expert styling
  • Comes with a heat protective glove


Since curling wands get really hot while working, this model comes with a protective heat glove that you can wear while you curl your hair.

The Remington CI9538 Curling Wand also comes with an auto shut off feature to prevent any accidents. In case you can’t remember if you turned off the curling iron, you need not worry, it will switch off by itself after 60 minutes of inactivity.

A 360 swivel cord is included with this product, keeping the wand tangle-free. The cord is tangle free and the power cord is over a foot in length.


This curling wand can heat up instantly in 30 seconds so if you are in a rush to get to work or a party, the Remington CI9538 Curling Wand will not make you wait. It can also reach a high temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit for faster styling.

Temperature control buttons are also there for different styles and heat settings. A digital display clearly shows the set temperature.

The barrel is tapered and is one-one and half inches with a pearl ceramic coating that will evenly distribute the heat in the wand and protect your hair from damage. The tapered surface allows the hair to slide across the barrel very easily.


It is very natural for you to be worried about the health of your hair and even more so if it is fine and delicate. The reason that the Remington CI9538 Curling Wand is preferred by users with fine hair is that it is equipped with different temperature settings. So for your delicate hair, you can opt for a lower temperature setting like 300 degrees and gradually increase the temperature if needed.


The Remington CI9538 Curling Wand comes with a four-year limited warranty and as Remington is a substantially large company with a wide array of beauty products, they also have a well-reputed customer service department who will gladly take care of any issues you face.


If you have not used curling irons or wands before, the tapered barrel might be a bit tricky at first. So if you are someone who may be quick to lose patience when styling, a curling iron with a traditional barrel might be more suitable for you. However, with a bit of practice, you will soon find it just as easy as the traditional ones.

Another problem that is faced is that the Remington CI9538 Curling Wand does not allow tightly spiraling curls. This can create gorgeous wavy hair or lose curls but if you are still looking for small, tight curls, this is not the right curling iron for you.


For people who have used curling irons and wands before, the Remington CI9538 Curling Wand will not create any difficulties. And for those who haven’t or are not experts in styling hair, a very handy instruction booklet is added. The learning process is also sped up as the curling wand is light, compact and very user-friendly.

The different temperature settings and the ceramic pearl technology also makes it stand out amongst other curling wands. Another perk is that it heats evenly up in less than thirty seconds, giving you glamorously loose and big curls. So to instantly spice up your fine hair, get the Remington CI9538 Curling Wand.

  • Remington is a well-known brand with a wide range of beauty products
  • Pearl Ceramic Technology
  • Heats up in an instant and the heat is distributed evenly
  • Enables you to choose from different heat settings instead of just an on /off switch
  • Lightweight, compact curling iron that also looks nice
  • Unable to create tight and small curls
  • Will require practice for beginner stylists

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2. Remington curling wand CI96W1B Studio Silk

Remington Curling wand


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The specialty of the Remington T|Studio Pink Slim Conical Wand is that it has a greater versatility when it comes to styling. From big, loose curls to small, tight curls, this curling wand can do it all. The tapered barrel and the high heat of 410 degrees Fahrenheit will give you glamorous hair that will look professional and also last a long time.

Like the previous Remington curling wand, the Remington silk curling wand Studio Pink Slim Conical Wand also cares about your safety and thus has included a heat protective glove that will let you style with comfort. The digital control comes with a temperature lock that will keep your desired temperature constant throughout the styling process.

Features at a glance:

  • Heats up very fast- the wand only takes 30 seconds to reach your desired temperature, making your styling process quick and easy.
  • Includes a heat protective glove that will protect you from the high temperature so you can style your hair without worry.
  • Silk ceramic barrel that is 0.5 to 1 inches allows you to create different sized curls
  • Can reach a maximum temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. With this temperature, you can get salon-like hair right at home.
  • Has a temperature lock so the heat remains uniform while you are styling.
  • The digital screen shows the set heat setting.
  • Auto shut off feature will ease you of any worry. The curling wand will shut off by itself after sixty minutes of inactivity.

Ceramic wand

The Remington curling wand is equipped with a silk ceramic material that can instantly heat up the barrel by providing intense heat in a matter of seconds. The ceramic is instilled with silk protein technology so it has a smooth touch.

Multiple temperature control

The Remington silk curling wand Studio Pink Slim Conical Wand has many different heat settings. Depending on your hair, you can set the temperature accordingly. For fine, delicate hair, a lower temperature setting is recommended.

High heat

Because it has such a wide range of heat settings available, the Remington hair wand Studio Pink Slim Conical Wand is the curling wand for every type of hair. The staggering high heat of 410 degrees Fahrenheit will give you hair that will look like it was styled by a professional.

Fast heating

To lessen the time required to style your hair and to not be a menace when you are in a hurry, this curling iron will heat up in 30 seconds.

Additional features

Auto shut off feature, swivel cord and a heat-resistant glove are incorporated into this versatile curling wand. The digital controls are also very convenient.

  • Heats up in a matter of seconds
  • Has a wide option of heat settings to choose from
  • Has digital reading and a digital display with temperature lock
  • Perfect for long hair
  • Gives bigger, more gorgeous looking curls that last a long time
  • The barrel heats up evenly and wrapping the hair around the barrel with your hand gives curls that look natural
  • Hand wrapping protects your hair from the heat as well
  • The ceramic technology ensures that your hair isn’t burnt from the high heat
  • Comes with swiveling cord
  • Even if your plug point is not right next to the mirror, the cord is made long enough to reach it
  • The control buttons are not placed very conveniently so while you are curling your hair, your fingers might accidentally change the temperature.
  • A lip at the end of the iron can get caught in your hair and it also prevents it from coming into contact with the surface
  • The digital display may not be bright enough

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3. Remington curling wand CI96Z1 Silk Elliptical

Remington curling wand


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The Remington curling wand CI96Z1 is another curling wand that is suitable for fine, delicate hair. This Remington hair wand is equipped with the technologies and features needed to protect your precious hair while making it look great. It is gentle yet efficient and comes at an affordable price.

Performance and Usefulness

This Remington curling wand also heats up in 30 seconds, thus saving your time. There are even more different temperature settings to choose from: the lowest being 270 degrees and the highest being 410 degrees.

The barrel is incorporated with silk/ceramic technology. It is elliptical in shape which makes it easier to curl with and also enables different types of curls.

convenience and safety

It comes with an auto shut off feature that will turn off the curling wand on its own after 60 minutes of inactivity. So in case, you can’t remember if you turned off the curling iron when you left the house, you don’t have to worry. A heat-resistant glove protects your hand from the high heat.

The 9-feet power cord comes with 360 degrees swivel thus remaining tangle-free and allowing you to style your hair with ease.


In order to be suitable for fine hair, it has a low temperature of 270 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can begin with this low temperature and gradually turn up the temperature to the setting that curls your hair easily. This should prevent any chance of damaging your beautiful hair.

The ceramic coating of the barrel distributes the heat evenly in the wand and the incorporated silk proteins further protect your hair while also adding shine.


The Remington curling wand CI96Z1 comes with a four-year limited warranty. For a curling iron that is so reasonably priced, the four-year warranty is the cherry on top of the cake. Remington also has an extensive customer service department waiting to solve any issues you face.


The main drawback of the Remington Curling Wand CI96Z1 is that it lacks spring clips. So while you are styling your hair, you don’t have clips to hold the other layers away. Another thing is lacking is dual voltage capacity so it cannot be used in 230 V outlets. So if you are traveling abroad, this curling wand has to remain at home.


Undoubtedly, the Remington CI96Z1 is a must have for home stylists. If the affordable price does not convince you, its various features are bound to attract your attention. Compared to the other curling wands in the market, this one has many features but is still reasonably priced.

This is perfect for fine, delicate hair because of the low heat settings and the protective silk/ceramic barrel. The elliptical barrel makes it convenient and easy to use. So if you are looking for a trustworthy Remington curling wand that is very affordable, the Remington CI96Z1 should be your ideal choice.


  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Comes with a barrel that is infused with the silk/ceramic technology
  • Can reach a high temperature of 410 degrees and provide a low temperature of 270 degrees for finer hair
  • Elliptical shape makes it easy to hold and style hair
  • Temperature selection is digital and also has a digital display
  • Has 4 year limited warranty
  • Does not come with spring clips that will hold other layers of hair while you style one section
  • Lacks dual voltage capacity so cannot be used while travelling
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